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Project Description

Omni Services has been providing dependable pavement sweeping for 30 years in the Twin Cities.

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Parking Lot Sweeping

With more than 30 years of experience, Jeff has a fleet of operators available 24/7 in case of emergency.

He provides excellent service and disposes of all material in a compliant and responsible manner. With highly-skilled crews and efficient utilization of equipment, he’s able to deliver these services at a very affordable rate.

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Service Offerings

Lot Sweeping for Commercial Parking Lots

We’re ready to sweep your industrial complexes, warehouses, business parks, and other commercial properties, helping you maintain your premises AND your public image.

Lot Sweeping for Construction Sites

We make ourselves available 24/7 to clean your site and help you keep permits current. Routine sweeping services also help prevent costly fines and water runoff. Your site stays clean and is more attractive to potential customers

Lot Sweeping for Special Events

We’re available 24/7 to clean your site and help you keep permits current. You avoid costly fines and water runoff with routine cleaning and make your site more attractive to potential customers.


  • Facility Managers
  • Property Managers
  • Property Owners
  • Property Renters
  • Multi-family or senior housing (apartments, townhomes, condo)
  • Campus housing
  • Restaurants
  • Businesses

Service Area

  • Western Minneapolis metro
  • Apple Valley area
  • St. Paul

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do you charge for lot sweeping. is it per hour or lot size?
A. We charge by the lot size.

Q. How do you know how big our lot is?
A. We use google maps to pull up your property and measure the square footage of the lot.

Q. Do you clean the debris in the corners and under stair wells? ?
A. We go around and blow all debris into the lot so the sweeper can pick it up.

Q. What time can you sweep the lot?
A. We can sweep the lot at your request any time of the day, but we prefer to sweep at night when most or all of the cars are gone unless you have a special event.

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